Skilled Customer Experience Professional with 17 Years' Experience

My name is Richard Le Bas and I've been improving customer experiences for 17 years. I've been involved in a number of sectors including Health, Hospitality and Education to name a few. I build my Customer Experience around the AARRR model, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue. These 5 metrics effectively measure your company’s growth while at the same time being simple and actionable.

From humble beginnings as a technical support officer to the Managing Director of an Educational SaaS company I've learnt many things along the way about customers, how important they are and the different ways to keep them engaged and happy.

I've worked for one of Australia's unicorn SaaS companies and picked up many attributes to help me provide a higher level of Customer Experience. Working for Educational SaaS companies has given me experience from different customer types which has helped me provide different solutions to match characteristics and styles. 

Now I'm helping small companies and startups provide exceptional support on a budget, thats scaleable and provides a 5 star feeling for customers. 

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Adaptability, Usability and Autonomy

"Has a complete understanding of the ICT environment and how to better manage it for adaptability, usability and autonomy for our users with great innovative thinking and well informed with current technology. Would highly recommend for any business who is looking for an innovator and someone who thinks about the business and it's people and how to improve it with the technology that's out there today."

S Cerda-Vargas


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